Gateway Residential & Community Support Services

Programs & Services

From supportive housing and community treatment orders, to health eating and recreational initiatives, Gateway provides a wide variety of excellent programs and services to support those living with mental illness in Niagara.

  • Supportive Housing Programs

    Gateway's housing programs are designed to provide individuals in the Niagara Region suffering from mental illness with a safe and affordable place for recovery.
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  • Case Management

    Gateway provides various case management services to individuals living in the Niagara Region suffering from mental illness, who need the services of our well-trained staff.
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  • Community Treatment Orders Program

    Gateway works closely with the Niagara Health System to provide intense case management support services to individuals suffering from mental illness in the Niagara Region, who would otherwise be in and out of hospital.
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  • Good Food Box Program

    Gateway's Good Food Box program is a not-for-profit program where anyone in the community can buy fruits and vegetable at a low cost. This promotes healthy eating in the Niagara Region.
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  • Recreational & Volunteer Program

    Gateway's recreation program encourages many clients across the Niagara Region to become active members of their community.
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What Our Clients Say
  • "Gateway supported me to move out of my previous home and into their group home on Griffith, after I had just attempted suicide. They help me learn how to cook and clean. They taught me independence."
    - Nancy D.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our housing services, please contact us.