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About Gateway Residential & Community Support Services

At Gateway, we enable individuals in Niagara to achieve greater independence through innovative consumer-centred housing and support services.

Our housing and support services provide stable and supportive environments for the individual that emphasize personal choice, dignity and respect, through environments that enhance the capacity of consumers to live independently and meaningfully.

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Gateway Residential & Support Services, Niagara

Recent Testimonial

  • Thank you for this beautiful apartment! I love it very much. You, and your staff at Gateway are wonderful people! I am truly grateful for all you help and I cant thank you enough!
    - Wendy

Our Story

Interested in learning more about Gateway Residential & Community Support Services? Please watch this short video detailing Gateway's heritage and what Gateway does for individuals suffering from mental illness in the Niagara Region.  >> Learn About Our Past

Housing Programs

We operate 4 residences in the Niagara Region.

Welland Housing Location, Gateway, Niagara Welland: Dr. Peter Grant
Haven of Hope
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Port Colborne Housing, Gateway, Niagara Port Colborne:Repei Place
»Read More
St. Catharines, Ontario St., Housing, Gateway, Niagara St. Catharines: Grundy House
»Read More
St. Catharines, Griffith St., Housing, Gateway, Niagara Welland: Griffith Street
Residential Group Home
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What's New?
Friday July 21st - Gateway's 2017 Annual Golf Tournament! *New Price, *New Location!

Friday July 21st - Gateway's 2017 Annual Golf Tournament! *New Price, *New Location!

Posted Feb 22nd, 2017

Gateway is proud to announce the 2017 Annual Golf Tournament! New Price - New Location - Same Old Fun!

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Upcoming Events

BINGO! - Volunteer's Needed! After 16 Long Years, Gateway Now Has A Bingo Spot In St. Catharines!

Jan 11th, 2017

Gateway put it's name in to run Bingo as a fundraiser 16 YEAR"S AGO! We finally have a spot open where we can run 2 Bingo's a month. This is a great fundraiser for Gateway and we are in desperate need of Volunteer's!

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our housing services, please contact us.