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Mainstream - Gateway Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance Vision

 Mainstream - Gateway Strategic Alliance Team is comprised of innovative, person-centred, barrier-breaking leaders. We envision that by coming together and sharing resources, people will receive better, innovative supports from two stronger organizations.

 Together we will:

Lead the way in providing cross-sector, person-centred supports to diverse people
Improve access to holistic supports and services
Break barriers through sharing knowledge and expertise
Maximize our resources, resulting in greater stability and sustainability for both Mainstream and Gateway

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Strategic Alliance have an impact on job security?

A: The Strategic Alliance initiative is focused on two primary things: 1) Making the best use of our resources to promote quality and sustainability over time. The areas where we are looking to become more efficient include the potential sharing of a few key roles and responsibilities, including the role of Executive Director and some back office functions. We do not anticipate any changes to the current support staffing compliments at either Mainstream or Gateway, and 2)  Rising to new levels of effectiveness by advancing supports and services for people with a developmental difference and mental illness. Here we are looking at ways Mainstream and Gateway can work together to enhance supports for the people both agencies support. 

Q: In what ways will people who use services be involved in the strategic alliance process?

A: People who use services will be asked for their input and insights throughout the process.  Co-design sessions will be held and whenever possible, people who use services will participate and be included in meaningful ways.  

Q: When will we know more about the specific changes to be made?

A: The Strategic Alliance Initiative is a thorough, inclusive process.  Information about how we do things now needs to be assessed and understood, before options for changes are considered.  Everyone will be kept abreast of work completed and progress made as the process unfolds. 

Q: Who is assisting Mainstream and Gateway with the strategic alliance initiative?

A: People Minded Business Inc. (PMB) consultants have designed and are leading the process.  Janeen, Clint and Jennifer from PMB, have extensive experience in human services and are looking forward to assisting Mainstream and Gateway with this endeavor - visit their website to get a feel for who they are and what they bring to the project:

Strategic Alliance
What Our Clients Say
  • "Gateway is home to me... Literally and emotionally. There is always someone I can turn to. They are like my second family."
    - Ryan M.

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