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Recreational & Volunteer Program

Gateway's recreation program encourages many clients across the Niagara Region to become active members of their community. 

Involvement in your own community is an essential piece in the well being of our consumers. At Gateway, we encourage each of our consumers to become active physically, socially or mentally.

What kinds of recreational programs does Gateway offer?

Some of the interesting and exciting things we offer are:

  • YMCA passes
  • Men’s and woman’s groups
  • Pet therapy

Under the Canada Summer Jobs Initiative, we hire students who provide recreational opportunities for our consumers allowing them to participate in many local activities.

Gateway also promotes physical fitness – we have our very own walking group and encourage our consumers to attend the YMCA at least once or twice a week.


Gateway has over 120 volunteers who participate in various areas of the organization.This can include front reception, good food box program, event assistance, and clerical assistance.

We encourage our consumers to take an active role in volunteering within the organization. Student placements are encouraged at Gateway.

Gateway offers opportunities to do hands on placement that will give them the skills to succeed in their future career.

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What Our Clients Say
  • "Gateway is home to me... Literally and emotionally. There is always someone I can turn to. They are like my second family."
    - Ryan M.

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