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Mainstream & Gateway Alliance Update – January 2019

Posted Jan 28th, 2019 in News, Strategic Alliance News

Phase One of the M&G Strategic Alliance Project was completed August to December 2018. Work focused on determining the extent to which the two organization's cultures, leadership and business functions currently align, and examining similar initiatives to establish proof of concept. An inclusive approach was used and involved significant input from both agencies’ Board of Directors, Executive Directors, people using supports, managers, direct support staff, funders and community partners.    

Information and insights indicated that the two organization’s cultures are extremely well aligned, and all key stakeholders expressed solid support for the initiative. Importantly, the areas targeted for potential integration are ripe with promise and warrant next step in-depth review. In considering all findings, Mainstream’s and Gateway’s Boards and Executive Directors have decided to move onto Phase Two of the project – ‘Future State Planning.’ 

During Phase Two, key stakeholders will co-design process frameworks for each business area impacted by the Strategic Alliance. Design decisions must align with M&G Strategic Alliance objectives and measures of success:   

  • Heightened efficiencies – make the most of Mainstream’s & Gateway’s resources
  • Rise to new levels of effectiveness - expand and advance Mainstream’s and Gateway’s capacity to provide progressive supports to people with a dual diagnosis and other people who typically “fall through the cracks”
  • Develop alternative housing options
  • Employees at both agencies will expand their knowledge and skillsets for supporting people with a dual diagnosis
  • Both agencies being well-positioned as sustainable organizations
  • The developmental services sector and mental health sector having a cross-sector strategic alliance project from which to learn and replicate
Mainstream and Gateway look forward to pursuing this project further in 2019. If you have questions about the Strategic Alliance feel free to reach out to either Executive Director by email:

Kevin Berswick:

John Osczypko:

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    - Nancy D.

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