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Mainstream & Gateway Alliance Update - May 2019

Posted May 8th, 2019 in News, Strategic Alliance News

Mainstream and Gateway are pleased to announce that after careful planning and discussion both boards of directors have voted in favour of forming a Strategic Alliance! 

There are 8 areas of business where resources will be shared:      

1.   Governance (Mainstream and Gateway will continue to have separate boards with a joint committee)  
2.   Leadership
3.   Financial Management
4.   Information Technology
5.   Human Resources Management
6.   Property Management
7.   Community & Fund Development
8.   Support Services with a focus on People with a Dual Diagnosis                    

Operational plans for each of the 8 business areas are underway and will continue over the next year.  In April 2020, an evaluation will be done by our consultants People Minded Business to see how well the M&G Strategic Alliance has done, so far, in achieving its vision and meeting objectives.

M&G Strategic Alliance vision:
“We envision that by coming together and sharing resources, people supported by Mainstream & Gateway will receive better, innovative housing & supports from 2 stronger organizations.”

M&G Strategic Alliance objectives:

  • Heightened efficiencies – make the most of our resources
  • Rise to new levels of effectiveness - expand and advance our capacity to provide progressive supports to people with a dual diagnosis and other people who typically “fall through the cracks”
  • Develop alternative housing options
  • Employees at both agencies will expand their knowledge and skillsets for supporting people with a dual diagnosis
  • Both agencies being well positioned as sustainable organizations
  • The developmental services sector and mental health sector having a cross sector strategic alliance project from which to learn and replicate

This is an exciting time at Mainstream and Gateway.  Stay-tuned for further updates. 

Feel free to email any questions to either executive director: 

Kevin Berswick:

John Osczypko:

What Our Clients Say

  • "Gateway to me is not just a place for help with your problems but it is a great organization that helps people find a roof to put over their heads. They have given me much help with comfort and support, by always having an ear waiting that will listen to me. They are always willing to go the extra mile when people need it, and it's a good place to talk without having people judge what you say."
    - Anonymous Client

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