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Frequently Asked Questions - Mainstream & Gateway Strategic Alliance - May 2019

Posted Jun 19th, 2019 in Strategic Alliance News

Q: There are two existing boards. Will the Executive Director align with both? How will both Boards be kept informed of what’s going on?

A: The Executive Director will participate in a Joint Board Committee with 3 representatives from each Board. The Joint Committee will act in an advisory capacity, and will not have any voting authority; members will share information with their respective boards. 

Q: What has been feedback from people supported and families?

A: People supported want to know supports won’t change. There hasn’t been any pushback or negative feedback so far. Changes will happen primarily within administration functions and with minimal direct impact on supports. We will try to get more feedback from people supported & families in the future.

Q: How do we move forward with consumers that are not approved by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) but need additional supports, housing, programs, resources, etc?

A: This Alliance will help us learn of challenges and identify gaps. Hopefully we can work on creative solutions.

Q: How will Mainstream and Gateway specialize in dual diagnosis? How will this work?

A: We don’t have specifics yet.  We currently share people supported in common and want to consider how we can support them better. We may be able to apply for additional funding opportunities with this Alliance.

Q: Shared housing might benefit both sectors. Have we considered this opportunity?

A: Gateway and Mainstream have already aligned with housing projects, specifically with 160 Ontario Street in St. Catharines. The Alliance will help connect staff worker-to-worker to further enhance supports at Ontario Street.

Gateway and Mainstream are currently working on a housing project with the Raft and Grace Anglican Church to create housing opportunities and supports for people who have a dual diagnosis. This project will take roughly 2 years to complete. 

Q: Are there opportunities for joint recreational opportunities between people supported by Mainstream and Gateway consumers?

A: Yes, there are opportunities for staff to share opportunities. Gateway hosts an annual ball hockey tournament open to everyone. People supported from Mainstream already attend. The date this summer is to be announced.

Q: In the future, will staff have opportunities for job shadowing with each other? To sit in on a team meetings?

A: As relationships build, there might be opportunities. For example, staff can work together at Ontario Street and with the new housing project at Grace Anglican Church. Please keep sharing these ideas with John and Kevin. 

Q: Will staff feedback be considered for the 8 operational plans? For example, if we plan to use similar systems, such as AIMS?

A: Changes will happen in administration / back office. Changes to dually diagnosed support services will happen organically. Staff will be informed if and when services, such as information technology, are streamlined.

What Our Clients Say

  • "I was all alone with mental illness for years. No doctor would help. I was very insecure when I first called Gateway. I needed a place to live and the group home let me in. I learned how to budget, how to be independent, and even was given the courage to go back to school. The counselling I have had is very good, I now know that I am not alone. The women's group is very therapeutic... I feel safer."
    - Donna G.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our housing services, please contact us.