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Gateway Residential & Community Support Services
If you are in crisis, please contact COAST at 1-866-550-5205

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing #1

Gateway’s housing programs are designed to provide individuals in the Niagara Region who have mental illness with a safe and affordable home for recovery.

Transitional Housing Program

Griffith’s home is one of our longest-standing programs within Gateway. This home is shared accommodations in the city of Welland. The residence has a capacity to accommodate 7 tenants.

This residence is staffed with 1 full-time housing support worker & several part-time staffers, who provide up to 11 hours of support daily. We provide a combination of affordable housing and ongoing flexible housing supports for persons with serious mental health diagnosis, who are either homeless or are at great risk of becoming homeless.

Supportive Housing

Gateway has a total of 135 housing units that it owns or holds head leases with private market landlords and non-profit housing providers. Gateway as well provides Property Management services to the (Oak Centre).

All of our housing units are affordable to those that qualify. Ongoing support services are provided to consumers in this program which include:

  • Mental health education
  • Medication management
  • Daily life skills
  • Emotional supports
Gateway owns and operates seven buildings in the cities of Welland (88 units + transitional house), St Catharines (9 units), Niagara Falls (9 units) and Port Colborne (29 units).

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Gateway is a very active and outgoing group. They always bring out the best in people, and always bring out the best people have to offer."
    - William N.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our housing services, please contact us.