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Community Treatment Order Program

Gateway works closely with the Niagara Health System to provide intense case management support services to individuals suffering from mental illness in the Niagara Region, who would otherwise be in and out of hospital.

What is the Community Treatment Order Program?

This program is a partnership with the Niagara Health System, doctors and other community health professionals with the goal of effectively providing the necessary level of service and increasing the probability of success in the community, for people who would otherwise remain in hospital or who are frequently admitted.

How does it work?

Community Treatment Orders are mutual agreements by all parties that are consent based and can be revoked at any time by any party involved.

This program provides intense case management support services and is coordinated by a program manager that operates out of the NHS, St. Catharines site.

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What Our Clients Say
  • Thank you for this beautiful apartment! I love it very much. You, and your staff at Gateway are wonderful people! I am truly grateful for all you help and I cant thank you enough!
    - Wendy

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