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Gateway Residential & Community Support Services
If you are in crisis, please contact COAST at 1-866-550-5205

Programs & Services

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Residential Program

Gateway operates four buildings, one in Welland, one in Port Colborne and two in St. Catharines. The Welland residence has a capacity to accommodate 7 tenants. This residence is staffed by one full time support worker, and several part-time staffers, who provide in total 11 hours of support daily. The Port Colborne residence has a capacity to accommodate 5 tenants who recieve support with home management and life skills from a support worker. All tenants, in both residences, have private rooms with shared facilities and the cost of tenancy is based on the ability to pay through shelter allowance provided by Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). For more information on our Residential Programs please contact Monica Lauzon at (905) 714-4330.

Community Support Program

In this program a Community Support Worker provides a moderate level of support to our consumers throughout the Niagara Region. Moderate support may include: mental health education, emotional support, daily life skills counseling, income and housing referral and resource linkage. We maintain one Community Support Worker for every twenty-five consumers in this program. For more information on our Community Support Program, please contact Sandra Maletta-Todd at (905) 735-4445 Ext 234 or Barb Robinson at (905) 735-4445 Ext 228.

Homeless Initiative Phase II

In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), the Oak Centre and the Regional Municipality of Niagara Public Health System (NHS), we provide a combination of affordable housing and ongoing flexible housing supports for persons with serious mental health issues who are either homeless or are at great risk of becoming homeless. Gateway is responsilbe for 74 housing units, some of which are dedicated to the Oak Centre. In each case Gateway signs a lease with the property owner and then sublets the housing unit to the consumer. We provide all participants in this program with community support, including; life skills, linkages to other agencies and the local community, consultation, and outreach services, etc. We maintain one Housing Support Worker for every ten consumers in this program. For more information on our Homeless Initiative Phase II Program, please contact Sandra Maletta-Todd at (905) 735-4445 Ext 234 or Barb Robinson at (905) 735-4445 Ext 228.

Community Treatment Orders

This program is a partnership with doctors and other community health professionals with the goal of effectively providing the neccessary level of service and increasing the probability of success in the community, for people who would otherwise remain in hospital or who are frequently admitted. Community Treatment Orders are mutual argreements by all parties that are consent based and can be revoked at any time by any party involved. This program is coordinated by a program manager that operates out of the NHS, St. Catharines General Hospital. We maintain one Case Manager for every ten consumers. For more information on our Community Treatment Order Program please contact Sandra Maletta-Todd at (905) 735-4445 Ext 234 or Barb Robinson at (905) 735-4445 Ext 228.

Recreation Program

At Gateway we encourage each of our consumers to become active, physically, socially or mentally. Some of the interesting and exciting things we offer are:

  • YMCA passes
  • Day trips to: the zoo, Royal Winter Fair, one of a kind craft shows, the ROM, Art Gallery of Toronto, Science Centre, and more.

We also participate in many local activities like picnics, bowling, movie days, game days, craft groups and many more. Gateway also promotes physical fitness – we have our very own walking group and encourage our consumers to attend the YMCA at least once or twice a week.

Gateway has no funding for recreation – during the year we run several fundraisers that assist us in covering the cost of these activities. As well, consumers are encouraged to contribute a minimal fee towards some of these activities.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Gateway helps people be the best they can be. Living with, and suffering from a mental illness is hard. But having the support of Gateway has changed my life, Thank you!
    - Mark H.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our housing services, please contact us.