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Gateway Residential & Community Support Services
If you are in crisis, please contact COAST at 1-866-550-5205

Life Skills Groups and Other Programs

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Gateway's life skills groups and recreation programs encourages many clients across the Niagara Region to become active members of their community. 

Involvement in your own community is an essential piece in the well being of our consumers. At Gateway, we encourage each of our consumers to become active physically, socially and/or mentally. 

Recreation Programs 
Gateway offers a variety of recreation-based activities for EVERYONE! We take pride in involving everyone in the decision-making for these programs and promote community development. We focus on improving the quality of life for all individuals through recreation in all areas (physical, social, emotional and mental). Recreation programs are to help people create a sense of belonging and purpose while embracing creativity and having something to look forward to. Some exciting recreation opportunities: 

  • Community outings such as Ripley's Aquarium, concerts, plays, Niagara Falls hotel overnights, nature walks, coffee shops, ice hockey games, Medieval Times, shopping malls, bowling, go-karting... and more!
  • Rec Lounge
  • 1:1 recreation sessions
  • Monthly meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  • Holiday celebrations  

Women's Group 
Women's Group runs Wednesday mornings in Port Colborne and Wednesday afternoons in Welland. The focus is making a wide variety of crafts, social interactions and life skill teaching. The cost is $2 per session that pays for craft and a coffee. 

Men's Group 
Men's Group meets weekly for community outings.  This is a chance for the group to be in a safe space to express themselves, try new things and hangout with likeminded people. Outings include: Clifton Hill, Comic Con, fishing, mini-putt, beaches, restaurants, barbecues, card games and watching sports. 

Gateway has no funding for recreation programs or life skills groups. During the year we run several fundraisers that assist us in covering the cost of these activities. As well, participants are encouraged to contribute a minimal fee towards some of these activities.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Gateway to me is not just a place for help with your problems but it is a great organization that helps people find a roof to put over their heads. They have given me much help with comfort and support, by always having an ear waiting that will listen to me. They are always willing to go the extra mile when people need it, and it's a good place to talk without having people judge what you say."
    - Anonymous Client

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